The Orphanage

November 3, 2023

AI Wonder image recipe: playful children ghosts The 2007 Spanish film The Orphanage has horrors of multiple levels: a missing child, playful ghosts, and home renovations. The J.A. Bayona horror flick was a smash hit internationally, bringing acclaim to theRead More


October 6, 2023

AI Wonder image recipe: caspar the friendly ghost Not Quite Dead? More like “Not So Scary” when we cover nostalgic classics like the 1995 movie Casper! Fan favorites Christina Ricci, Bill Pullman and Devon Sawa star in the kid-friendly filmRead More

Paranormal Activity

September 8, 2023

AI Wonder image recipe: ghost, sun, haunted house, burning The first found footage movie to be scary since Blair Witch! Paranormal Activity debuted in 2007 to critical acclaim and a staggering box office on a shoestring budget. Couple Katie andRead More


August 11, 2023

AI Wonder image recipe: ghost, cemetery, tv They’re here! NQD is covering the classic horror film Poltergeist. Effectively a Steven Spielberg movie, this movie introduced a new cultural fear: getting stuck in the TV. Join us as we dissect theRead More


July 14, 2023

AI Wonder image recipe: ghosts, mirror, broken glass Director Mike Flanagan, now better known for the Flanaverse of horror shows on Netflix, helmed Oculus as one of his first feature-length films. Siblings Kaylie and Tim post up in their childhoodRead More

His House

June 2, 2023

AI Wonder image recipe: ghosts, ocean, children, drowning, escape A hauntingly tragic story of immigration, ghosts both real and imagined, His House is a universally acclaimed horror film. The 2020 directorial debut from Remi Weekes about a South Sudanese refugeeRead More

The Others

May 5, 2023

AI Wonder image recipe: dark, house, candle, fog A family psychodrama wrapped up in a ghost story – the stuff of nightmares! Nicole Kidman’s turn as a 1940s mommy dearest in The Others is a stellar performance, a welcome retreatRead More

13 Ghosts

April 7, 2023

AI Wonder image recipe: ghost, house, glass, cube Special guest Jason from the podcast Hemispheric Views joins us for 13 Ghosts (also known as THIR13EN GHOSTS). A family inherits a mansion stuffed to the brim with arcane and creepy artifactsRead More

The Frighteners

March 10, 2023

AI Wonder image recipe: ghosts faces frightening walls crumbling house Amazingly, The Frighteners (1996) once held the title of most cutting-edge special effects. Primarily a slapstick comedy set to a Danny Elfman soundtrack, watching it today leaves a lot toRead More

We Are Still Here

February 10, 2023

AI Wonder image recipe: ghost, sun, haunted house, burning The very well-received yet little-known film We Are Still Here brings 70s ghostly delights to our screen. Couple Anne and Paul uproot their lives after family tragedy strikes, only to findRead More