Season 3: Indie Horror Promo

Season 3 premieres ONE WEEK from today!

We have an extra special Instagram promotion this season, read below for details and play along!

Win up to 10 FREE stickers this season designed by Megan! 

In each of our 9 episodes this season, we will ask a question to the audience related to the movie we watched. Listen to the podcast and answer the episode questions on our posts, and we will ship you a sticker specially designed to match each movie! Play along for all 9 movies and you’ll get a special season completion sticker!

All you have to do it:

  1. Like the episode post 
  2. Share the post and tag us 
  3. Answer our in-episode question in a comment on the episode post before the promotion ends

This promotion lasts the duration of season 3, starting 10/16/20 and ending 12/11/20. 

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