Season 8: Horror Comedy Finale

Thank you for joining us for Season 8: Horror Comedy! In this finale, we have some fun segments for you: a Mad Libs game, virtual bingo for your next Horror Comedy Movie Night, plus a monster-trigger craft!

Try Out our Mad Libs on Your Friends

Mars Attacks

Good morning. Nice to see you all
again. I only have a few minutes for questions, so let’s get started

Do the Martians have two sexes like we do?

Character 1
[adjective] morning. Nice to see you [nouns] again. I only have [number] minutes for [nouns], so let’s get started…

Character 2
Do the [nouns] have [number] [body parts] like we do?


Are you fucking with me?

Uh, no. You should actually limber up as well. Especially if we’re going down that hill. It is very important.

I don’t believe in it. You ever see a lion limber up before it takes down a gazelle?

Character 1
Are you [verb]-ing with [noun]?

Character 2
Uh, no. You should [adverb] [verb two] as well. Especially if we’re [verb]-ing down that [noun]. It is very important.

Character 1
I don’t believe in it. You ever see a [noun] [verb two] before it [verb] a [noun]?

Gremlins 2

Yogurt Customer #1
[Screaming] It’s a rat.

Yogurt Customer #2
Oh my God.

Yogurt Customer #3
What’s going on here? Did she say there was a rat?

Yogurt Jerk #2
No, she said there was no rat.

Character 1
[verb]-ing It’s an [noun].

Character 2

Character 3
What’s going on here? Did [person] say there was an [same noun]?

Character 4
No, [same person] said there was no [same noun].

Play Bingo

Play a round of comedy bingo with these Not Quite Dead virtual bingo cards.

Check out these tropes we included that are sure to pop up:

And make sure you know the difference between these two iconic screams:

What’s Your Monster Trigger?

Why let movie writers have all the fun? For this craft we each chose a monster we would have rather seen triggered in Cabin in the Woods and painted what we think would have been each’s catalyst.

Episode edited by Megan Prior-Pfeifer and Cate Smith. Music by Zach Pfeifer.

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