The Exorcist

So iconic that it has transitioned to parody and back again, we are covering The Exorcist (1973). Loosely based on real events, The Exorcist introduced a generation to the head spinning, vomit- and curse-spewing Linda Blair and the concept of needing a young AND an old priest. The OG of satanic panic movies has a veritable wealth of things to talk about, and boy-how do the Not Quite Dead gals talk!

Episode Extras

  • Stream The Exorcist on Peacock for free or rent on AppleTV.
  • Read through the official Exorcism prayer from
  • See the commercial featuring Tubular Bells that captivated Megan enough to buy Pure Moods.
  • Buy the official Not Quite Dead The Exorcist sticker!

Edited by Megan Prior-Pfeifer. Music by Zach Pfeifer.

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