Child’s Play

Child’s Play Season Finale

June 18, 2021

There were laughs, there was bloodshed, there was an animated crass little doll AND his gross offspring. This season was a rollercoaster of the highest of cinematic highs and the lowest of lows, both of which involved Jennifer Tilly. ReadRead More

Child’s Play (2019)

June 11, 2021

Everyone loves a remake! Or wait, no. Remakes are a highly divisive topic for many fandoms, the Child’s Play one included. In this 2019 film by Lars Klevberg, Child’s Play gets an update for the modern, smart home era. GoneRead More

Chuck’s Notes: Cult of Chucky

June 10, 2021

With a psychiatric hospital setting and the promise of a multitude of Chucky dolls murderously scampering around, you would think Cult of Chucky would be a strong entry to the series. Listen in on this short episode as the NotRead More

Curse of Chucky

June 4, 2021

The first straight to DVD entry in the Child’s Play franchise…Curse of Chucky! Bringing back Brad Dourif and his daughter Fiona in the leading roles of Chucky and Nica Pierce, director Don Mancini leans into the horror part of thisRead More

Chuck’s Notes: Seed of Chucky

June 2, 2021

Woof! Seed of Chucky, the anticipated follow-up to Bride of Chucky, is a marked low point in the Child’s Play franchise. In this Chuck’s Notes minisode, the Not Quite Dead girls go over the few plot highs and many plotRead More

Bride of Chucky

May 28, 2021

Here comes the bride…from hell! Chucky gets lucky when his girlfriend Tiffany Valentine – portrayed by the iconic Jennifer Tilly – becomes his hot doll companion. Bride of Chucky breathes life into the flagging franchise. Listen in with the galsRead More

Chuck’s Notes: Child’s Play 3

May 27, 2021

In Season 5, check out the Chuck’s Notes minisodes, covering the, erm, more skippable Child’s Play series movies. Listen to this short episode to find out what you need to know – and why, exactly, this movie is not worthRead More

Child’s Play 2

May 21, 2021

The fun just doesn’t stop in Child’s Play 2! Director John Lafia helms this sequel that sees child Andy Barclay shuttled into a foster home with the killer doll Chucky close on his heels. This episode is chock full ofRead More

Child’s Play (1988)

May 14, 2021

In the Season 5 premiere episode, the gals start the Child’s Play franchise off – a series that Megan loves and Cate has never seen! This classic campy slasher series introduces Chucky to the world, played by the legendary BradRead More