Minisode: Fear Street 1994

Netflix’s three-part Fear Street series is getting the Not Quite Dead minisode treatment this season! Come listen to discussion on the surprisingly (to some) mature content and debate with us when you can introduce kids to their first slasher movie.

Episode Extras

  • Watch the trailer
  • Do you agree with this author on which three Fear Street books stand the test of time?
  • Check out this list of most unique mascots in each state

Arts & Crafts

The inspiration for the Fear Street: 1994 arts and crafts was the glow in the dark/blacklight. See what Cate and Megan crafted for this episode below!

Cate’s Glow in the Dark 90s Framed Art

Megan’s Glow in the Dark Jars

This was pretty basic. Buy some glow sticks, break, empty into glass, swish around.

Glow sticks contain glass so this one needs adult supervision!

Episode edited by Cate Smith. Music by Zach Pfeifer.

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