The third episode of Not Quite Dead covers the third installment of the series, the 2006 venture that was the highest grossing film of the whole Saw franchise. Tobin Bell earns his 2007 MTV Movie Award nomination for “Best Villain” as he demeans medical professionals and sets up another convoluted series of tests and traps, all while lying in a bed dying for the entire movie.

This movie has it all: twists, devious torture devices, a hot Shawnee Smith, and Megan and Cate wondering who exactly we’re rooting for here.

Intro and outro music by Zach Pfeifer.

The late great Sid Haig’s signature, as called out in this episode.

Basically, this was all Megan could dig up on Fangoria Fest.

But look! She met Gris Grimly! And they wore matching outfits!

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