Saw V

If you need more Costas Mandylor in your life, look no further than the back half of the SCU franchise. The 2008 gore-fest directed by David Hackl ticks all the Saw boxes: detective cat-and-mouse, brutal torture devices, and extolling the virtue of teamwork.

Megan claims this is her favorite of the Saw series, but really she just loves a good story about friendship. Cate is here for the blood and Julie Benz (Dexter’s Rita!). Detective Hoffman and FBI Special Agent Strahm are back at each other’s throats while investigating the Jigsaw murders of Saw III and Saw IV while another convoluted trap plays out. Strahm’s suspicion of Hoffman is ever increasing, but who will come out of the game with blood on their hands?

Intro and outro music by Zach Pfeifer.

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