Season 3 Finale

Let’s give a round of applause to the finale of the Independent Horror Film season! We hope you enjoyed the byzantine plot structures, artistic cinematography, and wild allegory conjecture as much as Megan and Cate did. Make sure to check out our Instagram @notquitedead_podcast and follow our blog for extras!

Arts and Crafts

The theme of Indie season’s craft was Runes: Kinship and Protection. We both chose to embroider our crafts, but we encourage you to get creative!

Want to make your own rune craft? Check out these old timey runes and put together a totem of friendship.


Some people’s opinions suck. Sometimes they suck and are also hilarious. Check out these choice reviews and shake your head along with us.


How similar are trailers to their final product? Watch the trailers of this season’s movies and judge for yourself. Or just listen to our strong opinions on the matter.

Edited by Megan Prior-Pfeifer and Cate Smith.

Music by Zach Pfeifer.

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