Season 4 Finale

Join us as we celebrate the galactic greatness of our Space Horror season! From a space-themed baking challenge to picking this season’s overall MVP film, Megan and Cate reminisce on the best and worst films that straddle the genre lines. Listen in and thanks for listening to Season 4!

Episode edited by Cate Smith and Megan Prior-Pfeifer.

Music by Zach Pfeifer.

Alignment Chart

We take the classic Dungeons & Dragons alignment chart and apply it to the characters of Season 4! With the obvious (Mace from Sunshine is a born and bred Lawful Good) all the way to the definitely, objectively true (Jason X as Chaotic Evil), listen along and just try to argue with us. Try it. You’ll lose. Our reasoning is air tight!

Space Cakes

Cate goes low-brow while Megan goes high-brow. Watch the making-of videos of Cate’s galaxy cupcakes and Megan’s mirror glazed space diorama.


Time for rankings! We just had to honor the original space horror masterpiece, while gently recommending you skip the faux found footage moon conspiracy doc. And, our favorite film of the season truly stole our hearts with its ambitious use of robot nipple technology.

Most Valuable Player = Alien

Least Valuable Player = Apollo 18

Favorite ridiculous technology = Jason X

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