You thought it had ended with Saw 3D (ironically AKA Saw: The Final Chapter), but alas, one decade later we were back at the theaters in to watch the 2017 installment of the series directed by The Spierig Brothers and written by Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger. Jigsaw has been dead for ten years but a new crop of victims in vicious torture traps have been discovered. The detectives are on the case, and only time will tell if they can save the newest group of victims.

Join Megan and Cate as they dissect the last (for now) Saw movie. Featuring some serious narrative retconning and some of our favorite tropes, this movie makes us ask: Is this a Saw movie for the diehard fans or just for newbies? Only you can decide.

Intro and outro music by Zach Pfeifer.

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