Saw Season Finale!

Intro and outro music by Zach Pfeifer.

Welcome to the Season 1 Finale of Not Quite Dead! To cap off the season, we have a Very Special Episode with fun segments all about our favorite aspects of the Saw series. Thanks to the creators of the Saw movies and to all of our listeners for making the first season so great.

Check out the blog for the photos, special extras, and lists from the episode.

Our Very Official Not Quite Dead Saw Dioramas

Jigsaw is renowned for his civil engineering credentials, feats of mechanical engineering, and his…love of the Michael’s paint section? It’s true, almost every Saw movie features a diorama of the main trap set piece. Here, we made our very own based on our favorite traps.

Dioramas bring friends together.

Our Very Official Not Quite Dead Saw Would You Rather? Questions

Some dastardly questions with very personal preferences. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @notquitedead_podcast to see the results of these polls under the Saw Story Highlight!

Our Very Official Not Quite Dead Saw Drinking Game

Three different levels for three different experiences (though, you could stack them if you were feeling sassy). Please drink responsibly.

Our Very Official Not Quite Dead Saw Ranking

Every movie has its merits. For some of them, it’s that they’re over and we never have to watch them again. Check out our ranking and leave a comment if this list makes you feel some feels.


Saw II

Saw V




Saw IV

Saw VI


* Updated after watching Spiral.

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